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Helena Ford proudly serves drivers in and around Jefferson City, MT

Here at Helena Ford, we're more than proud to serve drivers from the Jefferson City, MT area. We always encourage drivers from surrounding areas to visit us and check out all that we have to offer, including great prices on new and used cars, expert service and premier financing.


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Getting to us from Jefferson City, MT is an easy, convenient and quick trip. For step-by-step directions, simply plug your information into

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Low Charge: When to Replace Your Battery

We all know that batteries lose their charge over time, and a car battery is no exception. In fact, the stress of the road can deplete your battery faster than you might think. Responsible for powering the starter, ignition, and fuel system among other things, a dead battery means you are going nowhere.

The last thing you need in Helena is to be stuck with a dead battery, so make sure to visit Helena Motors if you need a replacement. Our service team can investigate and see if the issue is as simple as reconnecting loose wires, or a full…
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Why Service Your Vehicle Regularly?

We know that many customers can perceive routine maintenance as a nuisance, however it’s important to state the reasons why these services are integral to your car, truck, or SUV’s overall health. Regular service appointments serve to keep the working parts of your vehicle in the best possible shape so things don’t wear in an untimely fashion.

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