Put the Best Tires Between the Road and Your Car

Looking to purchase tires in Helena, or need to know the right tires to buy to keep your vehicle gripping the road?  Helena Motors is the obvious choice for drivers from Townsend to Boulder when you need to buy or install new tires.

How Do You Know the Right Tires to Choose?

Not sure which tires are the right ones for your vehicle?  Use the tire search function on this page to look up your vehicle and the tires it requires.  Better yet, contact our team at Helena Motors to ask us your questions about proper tire installations and wheel alignments near Helena, MT.  We're happy to answer all questions involving tire installation and repair in Helena, and help you and your vehicle stay on the road.  We're also proud to be one of the first stops for drivers who need new tires in Montana.

As the only point of contact between your car and the road, your tires set the tone for your drive.  If your ride sounds rugged and louder than usual, it might be a sign that it's time to change your tires.  Our body shop is easily accessible from Clancy or Boulder and our team of experts are able to meet your tire needs.

You Can Check Your Tires Yourself!

There are lots of tips and tests for drivers to take advantage of in order to check on and maintain the life of their tires.  Tires should be rotated about as often as you get your oil changed in order to ensure that they don't wear down unevenly.  If you notice uneven wearing patterns on the tread of your tires, it's probably a sign that they need to be rotated.  Worn tread in just the center of the tire or just on one side means the tires are being worn down faster than usual and should be rotated or replaced.

Drivers in Montana can also check their tires lifespan by themselves, all for the price of exactly one cent.  Using a penny, insert Abe Lincoln into the tread of your tires headfirst, and observe how much of Abe's head you're able to see.  If the tread is still obscuring his head, the tire still has plenty of life left.  However, the more of Abe's head you see, the more dire the need to change your tires.

Change Your Tires, Change Your Drive

Regardless of the season, there's a tire that'll tackle anything that Montana's roads can throw at you here at our tire center.  For summer, winter, or all-season tires, there's a reason drivers from Clancy and Townsend choose Helena Motors to answer questions about tires and help them meet your needs.  We help drivers with all makes and models find the proper tires for their vehicle and lifestyle.

At Helena Motors, helping you and your vehicle are our highest priority, and we're grateful for our opportunity to assist drivers from all over Montana buy and install their tires.  For drivers of cars of any size, all-wheel drive, front-wheel drive or back; Helena Motors can help you find the right tires to keep your car on the road where it belongs.  Use our tire selection resource here to help match the right tires to your vehicle, and come on down to Helena Motors soon to give your car some nice new shoes!